*puorēstē poatēmē! ‘Welcome!’

Dáidda siidduide čohkkejuvvojit iešguđetlágan sámegielaide guoskevaš dutkamušat ja eará gáldut maid lea lohpi bidjat rahpasit internehttii ja maiddái liŋkkat dutkamušaide mat interneahtas muđui juo gávdnojit. Siidduid leaba ráhkadan Jussi Ylikoski ja Ali Ylikoski. Jus dus leat eanet fiillat dahje liŋkkat dahje eará evttohusat, váldde áinnas oktavuođa!

PS. Ollu eará ođđa boares gálduid gávnnat Suoma nationála girjerádjosis.

This site provides a collection of various publications in Saami linguistics that are in the public domain, as well as links to contemporary major works and other linguistic resources made available elsewhere on the Internet. The site has been created by Jussi Ylikoski and Ali Ylikoski. If you are able to provide more material or links to be added to the site or any other suggestions whatsoever, please contact us!

PS. Many other new old publications can be found at the National Library of Finland.


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